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Peeps Pudding Cups Recipe

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Peeps Pudding Cups

I just love making fun themed treats for the kids for special days and holidays!! I don’t always have time to slave over the oven all day to create something so I like to try to find fun and FAST ways to create in the kitchen! Extra points if the kids can help! These Peep Pudding Cups are not only adorable and delicious, but they are a fun and EASY spring or Easter treat that the kids will surely enjoy!!

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You will need:

Pudding Cups
1 oreo of every cup (crushed)
1 Peep for every cup
Starbursts (orange)
Rips Candy (green)


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First step is to make the candy carrots.  Cut your orange starburst in half, make one end pointed and flatten the top part.  Add a green candy Rips to the top part that is flattened and wrap it around the Rips to form a carrot shape.

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Crush one Oreo for every pudding cup, I put them in a bag and smash them with a soup can.  Open your pudding cups, place a Peep in the middle of the pudding cup. Sprinkle the crushed Oreos around the peep and then add the candy carrots.  Simple and easy Easter or Spring time treat that will make your kids smile! Enjoy.

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